MOH educate students on medication cosumption

SMK Mount Austin in Johor Bahru recently organised a unique educational program to spur activism amongst teenagers to be aware and proactive about the medication they purchase and consume.

Program Pencegah (prevention program) saw pharmaceuticals display both legal and imitation medication at its booth. The Health Ministry‘s (MOH) latest educational stint is aimed at helping youngsters understand and differentiate off-the-counter medication.

Since the market is flooded with easily accessible medication, MOH thought it wise to encourage youngsters to be discerning about what they consume by developing and understanding the quality, safety and efficacy, regulation and rational usage of medication.

Students were exposed to the the Meditag™  which is a secure holographic self-adhesive label that can be easily attached to pharmaceutical product packaging to authenticate it as registered with the Malaysia’s Health Ministry.

Students were then made to understand that one shoe does not fit all and that different people react differently to the same kind of medication for various reasons example blood types and allergy. They were advised to approach the usage of medication with liberal moderation as some pain-killers can lead to addiction.

Students were advised to be particularly conscious about how they feel after consuming medication as the body provides strong indicators as to whether the pills are working or wreaking havoc. Should they develop rashes, headaches, stomach discomfort, sudden high-blood pressure, vomiting, they were advised to consult a medical practitioner immediately.

Students were also encouraged to purchase medication from registered pharmacists, hospitals or clinics and to not compromise on the safety of medication by purchasing them from random stores.

According to a representative from MOH, Mak said that the public may send in medication for testing to Bahagian Perkhidmatan Farmasi, Jabatan Kesihatan.


MOH hosts kenali ubat anda in SMK Mount Austin.

Stedents are taught to be meticulous in choosing medication.
Exposure to different types of medication.
Identifying between the fake and legitimate holograms.
Mount Austin students awe-stricken by the knowledge.
Information board.