Malaysia first South East Asian country to host WGC

The 25th World Gas Conference and Exhibition (WGC2012) will be held for the first time in South East Asia, with Malaysia as the proud host to 15,000 participants and trade visitors from the gas industry worldwide.

Hosted by the Malaysian Gas Association, with the support of Petronas, this is the second time in the International Gas Union (IGU)’s history, the event will be held in Asia since the union was first registered in Vevey, Switzerland, 1931.

The event, from June 4-8, 2012 to be held in Kuala Lumpur, will be an ideal platform for knowledge sharing and relationship building in the industry with its aim to address current issues and future trends in the gas industry.

“The WGC 2012 will allow us to prominently brand ourselves with the leading energy players and top policymakers in the oil and gas arena, while giving us the opportunity to showcase the best of our own assets and achievements,” said Datuk Anuar Ahmad, National Organising Committee chairman.

Anuar said the opportunity to host the conference will have Malaysia showcasing the local capabilities and expertise of managing and adding value to a world class organisation.

He was also confident that Malaysian companies will gain from the world-class technology, information on policies, strategies, challenges and opportunities as the event would bring the latest developments within the global gas industry.

He added being the third largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter and standing at 15th in terms of the largest gas reserves in the world were among the reasons for Malaysia to win the bid to host the hallmark event.

“Being a gas producer, we have a role to play in order to champion the use of gas especially in Asia where the consumption is the highest among other regions,” he told reporters after the soft launch of the conference yesterday.

The World Gas Conference was first organised by the IGU in 1931 and is held once every three years to address the issues and challenges of the industry.

The WGC2012’s theme will be: “Gas: Sustaining Future Global Growth”.

– Bernama