Ragas and cinema hits

Johor Bahru- Ragas and Cinema Hits is another classy production by Temple of Fine Arts Johor Bahru which will be held on JUNE 29-30, 2012 at 8pm and 7.30pm.

This concert takes you on a journey of reminiscence as the TFA musicians and singers will perform hits by some of the most famous music directors of Tamil cinema.

Audience will be shown how music directors used Carnatic ragas to give the touch of clasical to their hits.

Organisers welcomes all music lovers to come and enjoy the incredible and inspiring influence of Indian classical music on cinema and lovers of cinema.

Funds raised from the event will be channelled to the building funds.

Temple of Fine arts is a dedicated NGO promoting an Indian classical music and arts. Their aim is to help Malaysian youth rediscover the cultural, artistic and spiritual wealth of their forefathers and to make it relevant for themselves and for future generations to come.

For further information please contact the Temple of Fine Arts Johor Bahru at 607-2227400.