Bridge to Bum-Bum Island necessary, says Sabah minister

Minister in the Sabah Chief Minister’s Department Nasir Tun Sakaran said the bridge proposed by the federal government to link the mainland and Pulau Bum-Bum is a necessity.

Nasir, who is also Senallang assemblyman, said this was because the population in Pulau Bum-Bum had no alternative mode of transportation other than boats that ply daily to ferry them to the mainland and back.

“We hope the project will materialise as the population is not small but totals more than 20,000,” he told reporters after visiting the site of Saturday’s ferry tragedy in Sungai Manis, Lihak-Lihak.

Nasir said the boats had to carry not only passengers but also vehicles such as vans to and from the two destinations.

“This is a dangerous endeavour and highly risky but Pulau Bum-Bum residents have no choice,” he noted.

“We will keep on requesting the government for a resolution to this matter,” he said.

– Bernama