Myanmar diaries: One life one love

This video was taken during a cultural performance at the Karaweik Palace in Yangon.

Google map on the location of Karaweik Palace in Yangon

The kinnara (male) and kinnaree (female) are mythical birds with a torso and head of a human being.

It  is generally believed that these mythical creatures originated from prehistoric India.

Over the years, they have appeared beside statues and paintings of Lord Buddha, like guardian angels.

Example of the stone carving of the kinnara and kinnaree found in many pagodas and temples in Bagan in central Myanmar.

One of the distinguishing mark on the soles of Lord Buddha depicts a kinnara. There are a total of 108 distinguishing marks on both the sole of the Buddha.

The dance performed in the video is entitled “One life one love” and it describes the happy reunion of the kinnara and kinnaree after having been separated for 700 years due to heavy  rain and flood.

This dance is a celebration of their true love and dedication to each other.

The costumes of the dancers are elaborate and with flapping wings controlled by their hand wrist movements.

The Karaweik Palace is a concert hall for cultural performances in the shape of the royal barge of ancient Myanmar Kings and is located on the Kandawgyi Lake in Yangon.