Women in PKR vouch for political reform


Parti Keadilan Rakyat Wanita Hi-Tea with Wanita PKR president with Zuraida Kamarruddin who also Ampang MP, was held at Restoran Remaja at 52, Jalan Tampoi recently.

Lawyer and Head of PKR, Johor Bahru Tan Poh Lai, told the Citizen Journalist Malaysia that “women today must be active in the politics and it should be part of our lives.

“If we want change then it is times to spread the news of PKR.”

The main speaker for the event was Zuraida Kamaruddin, she has stressed that the government should take care of women because this is the group that is in charge of the next generation and that play important role as the saying “the hand that rock the cradle rules the world”.

Zuraida also urged the  that if  80% of Chinese and 40% of Malays should vote for PKR in the next election, then the possibility of PKR will be able to take over Johor would materialise.

Wanita PKR president with Zuraida Kamarruddin.
Wanita PKR in the row.
Zuraida and Tan Poh Lai - superwomen of PKR.
Women should play and active role in politics.

For the hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation.