Selangor’s new land policy to boost affordable housing

Photo by ~gabrielfam

Housing took center stage at this year’s third meeting of the Selangor state legislature, with both Pakatan and BN assemblymen raising important questions on the issue.

On Wednesday, exco for housings Iskandar Samad (PAS-Chempaka) said Selangor has drawn up a new land policy which requires developers to build affordable housing and to sell the units at a fixed price.

For any development of over 10 acres of land in the Klang Valley, the developer will be required to build according to quota, with 20% of the development set aside for low-cost houses, 20% for medium-low cost houses and 10% for medium-cost houses, he said.

As for areas beyond the Klang Valley, he added, 20% will be for low-cost houses, 10% for medium-low cost houses and 10% for medium-cost houses.

He was replying to a question by Dr Shafie Abu Bakar (PAS-Bangi) who asked how the state will assist residents to own a home and the areas identified for such homes.

He said ceiling price for the houses will be fixed, for instance, a low-cost house is RM42,000 in local council areas, RM35,000 in local district areas and RM30,000 in other areas.

On Tuesday in his speech winding up the 2012 budget debate, Iskandar said affordable housing targets households with a monthly income range of between RM2500 to RM5000, while a low-cost house is prepared for those who earns RM2500 and below.

“A total of 10,000 units of affordable houses will be built in Gombak, Shah Alam, Kota Puteri, Antara Gapi and Selangor Science Park 2, Sepang,” he said

He said Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) has started the pilot project in Seksyen 3, Bangi in June, which involves 124 units of affordable apartments.

The state-owned company will be building another 496 units in U12, Shah Alam.

No Bumi discount for affordable housings

“Private developer can apply to waive the low-cost housing quota for affordable housing in districts where there is no demand for low-end properties,” he said.

He added that in Sungai Long, a private developer is constructing 136 units of affordable apartments that is sold at RM72,000 a unit.

“In U10 Shah Alam, a project comprises of 536 units at RM89,000 a unit has been proposed by a developer pending the state’s approval,” he said.

“The price will be the same for all races,” he said when replied to Lau Weng San (DAP-Kg Tunku)’s question yesterday.

 Status of low cost house

Meanwhile, he told Khasim Abdul Aziz (PAS-Lembah Jaya) yesterday that a total of 3317 low-cost houses are under construction; while another 18,917 are either being rehabilitated from abandon status or have just received approval.

He stressed that low-cost houses will be built according to the need and demand as the state does not wish to repeat the same mistake of the former administration.

“In Hulu Selangor District alone, there are 2167 units of low-cost houses still vacant,” he said.

He said the government is also studying a house-loan mechanism for self-employed folks without a salary slip.

Iskandar advised those who could not afford the low-cost house to rent a unit at the venues below:

1.) PPR Kg. Baru HICOM, Seksyen 26, Shah Alam: 980 units and 396 vacant.

2.) PPR Taman Tasik Teratai, Serendah, Hulu Selangor: 300 units and 215 vacant.

3.) PPR Kota Damansara, Seksyen 8, Kota Damansara, 1,152 units and 293 vacant.

4.) PPR Taman Putra Damai, Lembah Subang, 3,004 units and 488 vacate.