70-year-old Sungai Lembing Noodle business

42 km northwest of Kuantan in Pahang, Malaysia is a small tin mining town called Sungai Lembing.

Back in the 1970’s Sungai Lembing was a mass producer of underground tin.

Today the sleepy village is worlds away from the days of  mining flurry and only a few are left behind from the good old days.

One such person is Chew Kok Heong, the owner of the Mee Sungai Lembing, Kuantan shop who told Citizen Journalist Malaysia (CJMY) that the noodle factory and shop has been in  business since his grandfather’s time some 70 over years ago.

He took over the business from his father about 10 years ago.

Presently,  he gets all his children to help and wants the skill of kneading the dough with the wooden stick to pass down to his son.

His daily noodle production is about 500 kg. Without adding any preservative, the noodle is kept in the refrigerator which lasts for a week.

His shop is open daily and will only close for a week during Chinese New year.

The famous Noodle shop.
Crossing the hanging bridge to get to the noodle shop.
Sungai Lembing's famous Hanging Bridge.
View from the bridge.
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