Selangor’s prudent RM1.9bil budget approved

Selangor might catalyse a vibrant culture through careful allocations

The Selangor state government budget for 2012 was passed with a majority by the state legislature today after its third reading.

The RM1.9bil budget features a novel RM300mil Selangorku grant, funded by the profits of state-owned enterprises.

When the budget was first tabled last week, Opposition members accused the state of auctioning off assets to fund populist policies, such as a RM5mil allocation to strengthen democratic institutions.

This was refuted by the government which showed that the debt restructuring plan for Talam Corporation alone had generated RM391mil for the state, and more revenue can be expected once Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor implements its business plans on land formerly held by the company.

Of the total budget, RM1bil is for operational expenditure and RM600mil is for development expenditure.

Of the RM1bil, RM323.1mil is for emoluments, RM371.4mil for supplies and services, RM284.2mil for fixed charges and grants, RM8.1mil for assets and RM13.3mil for other spendings.

For development expenditure, 68 percent or RM411.1mil is for the infrastructure sector, RM100.1mil for the social sector, RM84.2mil for the economic sector and RM4.6mil for the municipal sector.

The state’s revenue in 2012 is expected to increase, with tax revenue expected to climb by 8.23 percent to RM574.7mil and non-tax revenue to climb by 40.12 percent to RM654.6mil.

Non-revenue receipts, however, are expected to decline by 14.16 percent to RM370.7mil.

On top of its existing welfare programmes, a new programe, the Children to Nursery Allowances will be introduced with an allocation of RM3mil.

Other salient points:

  • RM16mil for religious, Tamil and Chinese schools
  • RM3mil for non-Muslim places of worship
  • RM7mil for upgrading Sultan Alam Shah Museum
  • RM14.5mil for semi-rural and rural development
  • RM4mil for repairs to and houses of poor families and lifts of low-cost housing
  • RM4mil to install CCTVs at strategic locations
  • RM1mil for a library in Klang and Tanjung Karang
  • Continuation of free 20 cubic metres of water for the public
  • RM7.5mil for Program Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor, an investment scheme for children
  • RM 7.7mil for Hadiah Anak Masuk Universiti, a prize money schemes for children from low income families entering university
  • RM20.7mil for Skim Mesra Usia Emas, a scheme granting payment to the next of kin when its member dies