Understanding the rights of children

The United Nations estimates that the number street (scavenger) children alone is as much as 150 worldwide and rising daily.

In Malaysia, civil society organisations estimate that there are close to 100,000 stateless and undocumented children.

The magnitude of such complex issues of exploitive child labour, scavenger children and statelessness or undocumented children are difficult to comprehend especially for the younger generation of our society and thus the need to raise public awareness on all the issues affecting children.

The Voice of Children (VoC) has published a set of 4 children books that deal with the animals in similar exploitative situation.s

In this video, Boo Su Lyn, the communication specialist from VoC explains the plots and rationale behind each book.

The 4 books published by VoC

The VoC founded in 2008 is dedicated to advocating for law and policy reforms on all issues affecting the rights of children in Malaysia and strives to ensure that every child in Malaysia is protected under national and international law.

Underpinning all their efforts is the understanding that the welfare and protection of the children in  Malaysia can only be realised through the adoption, implementation and enforcement of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).