Flash flood hits residential area in Alor Setar

Flash flood hit Taman Desarena 2 in Alor Setar after nearly three hours of rain last night, the third such incident this year.

Residents claimed the situation was due to the Sungai Tok Pasai becoming choked with sediment.

A resident, Tan Yok Sian, 44, said the rain started at 11.30pm and nearly three hours later, floodwaters began entering his house.

“It has been like this since the past three years. This year alone, we have been hit by three flash floods, the first in July and last month, and today.¬†We can’t stand this anymore,” he said, lamenting the damage caused by the flood to household items.

He said the residents have been complaining to the Alor Setar City Council but to no avail.

– Bernama