Long lost traditional taste is back with Tommy’s touch

Life will be tough for someone who has only completed primary standard six to earn a decent living, but that is not applicable to Tommy Kok, 28, who has made something good for himself by cooking.

According to Tommy, he learned cooking in Singapore, some five years ago.

“It was not an easy task  at the beginning  because I only completed his studies till Primary 6,” said Tommy.

He and his friend embarked on a journey to East Malaysia and Northern Malaysia to find the long lost traditional food.

His expertise in tantalizing his customers taste buds with different types of food, drives in customers from all dialects as; Hakka,Cantonese, Hokkien or Teochiew to taste the food here.

Tommy’s mother, Lee Chee Peng, 65,said that she was glad that Tommy has finally found his passion and she is glad to help along.

Lee who was a cook, has invented her own signature dish, which is known as  the fried  dumpling.

Lye , 73, told the CJMY that he came with his family member of 15 to the restaurant to try the Hakka food, and he was happy he can taste the long lost taste here.

Another customer, James, said this is the first fried porridge he has tried in Johor Bahru and it tastes good.

Tommy and his signature fried porridge


Fried porridge with a traditional taste


Green peas , macademia , mini anchovies



Crab in butter, cheese, milk with toast bread.



Cat fish steam with sliced ginger