Piloting a Hot Air Balloon

Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) recently met with Faisal Jeber from Iraq who is a hot air Baloon pilot at the 9th JB Arts Festival.

He also told the CJMY thatt his hobby as a sky diver began when he was 17 which he then cultivated into piloting of the Hot Air Balloon.

He is one of the three the partners of a hot air balloon company in Kuala Lumpur with the other 2 partners from Poland and Malaysia since 2006.

He also said that to set up the balloon takes 30 – 40minutes.

The balloon ride was a hit from 1st-9th Sept 2012 and has attracted many of Johorean for this special ride.

The best time of flying is 7-11am and around sunset. Strong rains and wind will hinder the activity as it would be too dangerous.

Preparing to inflate the Hot Air Baloon.
A skill which needs to be met with precision.
A fiery start.
Getting ready for a take-off.