In a nutshell: The Sultan Ibrahim Mosque, Muar








The Sultan Ibrahim Mosque (Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim) was built in 1922. It stands near the mouth of Muar River on a spot that is attractive and conducive to worship. The architecture of the mosque clearly bears British influence. An unusual and eye-catching four-storey tower is located at the back of the mosque, and the roof of the main building still has its original clay tiles. However, they are blocked from sight from below because of a high brick wall, albeit an attractively decorated one.

Tengku Mahkota, then heir to the throne of Johor, officiated the opening of the mosque in February 1930, when it was given its present name. The word ‘Jamek’ implies that the mosque is used for Friday Prayers.

The gaping maw that is the main entrance
Archival documentation of the mosque's past
Water Fountain and Wudu' area