Picking bones with cars


Never mind the rising living cost of goods and essential items. Never mind the slump and dreary economic outlook. Never mind that some folks are actually struggling just to get by in life.

It clearly does not affect a good portion of the people in Malaysia.

Simply said, the good life and the jolly living of this segment of society really make one wonder if poverty actually existed.

Life in the fast lane naturally comes with everything else that spells luxury. Owning an expensive car is just the basic.

The luxurious home, luxurious lifestyle, luxurious circle of friends, luxurious this and that till as far as the luxurious wallet permits, follows closely after.

This undoubtedly includes a trophy partner.

The likes of Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty might just ring a bell with those who desire the glamour and glitterati of fame and fortune.

Naturally, one could just never know what lies around the corner and should never bite off more than he can chew.

Tagging along with a friend to a motor workshop was a learning experience.

Of course, an Alfa Romeo is sedately mild compared to either a Beemer or a Merc. But
nevertheless, the cost of replacing its spare parts is more than six times the minimum wage earner takes home in a month. And that was just the brakes and suspension.

The workshop, which is located in Subang, specializes in troubleshooting luxury cars – Alfas to be precise. However, in keeping up with the trend, its mechanic, Lawrence, can now even troubleshoot Ferraris and Porches. Whew!

With all the computerized gadgets and gizmos that come along with all most cars nowadays, pin-pointing a problem can be just a easy as plugging the vehicle into a specialized tell-me-all diagnosis machine. Although, easier said than done, it again boils down to dollars and sense. Have money can solve.

The other day, another friend was just relating how he had to change the suspensions for his Merc – a whopping 36,000.00. Yet another just got his headlamps and door fixed for a few thousand ringgit.

There is only one conclusion for this fixation that men have on cars.

A statement: Men love cars, probably even more than women.

The reason: Cars don’t talk back.