Malaysia and Indonesia to decide on terms for maids

Malaysia and Indonesia will meet in Bali, Indonesia on Nov 18 and 19 to decide on the terms and conditions for Indonesian maids working here.

Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam said there could be a slight increase in the salary of maids if they are asked to work on their weekly off days.

“For example, if a maid is paid RM600 a month now, the employer will have to pay an extra RM150 a month if the maid is required to work on her off days (maids are given a day off in a week),” he told reporters.

He said the meeting would also involve Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Indonesia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

After a meeting in Mataram, Lombok, Susilo in a joint press conference with Najib, said Indonesians can once again work as maids in Malaysia from Dec 1, thus ending the moratorium that had lasted for about two years.

Indonesia had imposed a freeze on the sending of its citizens to work as maids in Malaysia in June 2009, following complaints of abuse.

– Bernama