V-shaped UFO sighted in Petaling Jaya

Elvis Gan pointing to where the object was spotted

Some residents in Section 21 SEA Park, Petaling Jaya, claim to have seen a mysterious V-shaped flying object over the night sky outside their homes recently.

“I was at the Prudential Welfare Home for Children in Jalan 21/1 SEA Park when I looked up the sky and saw this V-shaped object moving from the north to the south at a constant speed. It was white in color,” said Elvis Gan Kah Keng, 18, a Form 6 student of SMK Taman SEA in Petaling Jaya.

“From afar at first I thought it was a flock of birds flying in a V-shape formation but as it came closer I soon realised it was a V-shaped object which I have never seen before. It was about 9pm then,” added Elvis who drew a rough sketch of the V-shaped object on a piece of paper to show what he saw.

An illustration of the V-shaped UFO drawn by eye-witness Elvis Gan.

His friend, Ng, who was with him also saw the V-shaped object. He said, “I could see like there were many white, round spots on the V-shaped object.”

Another witness, on Jalan 21/26, Agnes Tai, 43 said: “I was at the front porch with my children watching the lunar halo (a ring around the moon) at about midnight when suddenly a flying object went across the sky above our heads.

“I was quite sure it was not the usual shape of aeroplane. It was a V-shaped flying machine, dark, reddish brown in colour and it was literally flying above our heads so I could see many dark round shapes on its underside.

“We were too shocked to take any pictures with our mobile phones. By the time we regained our composure, the unidentified flying object had gone out of sight behind the roofs of the houses in front of us.”

Her daughter, Celine Tan, 15, said, “I also heard a low noise sound from the flying object but I can’t believe what I saw. In fact I blurted out so loud to myself “OMG! OMG! UFO! UFO!

“We were all very excited. We quickly browsed the internet and found out that there were indeed reports of V-shaped UFO sightings in other countries. I believe many others, not only us, would have seen it that night so I hope some one can explain this phenomenon,” added Agnes who said she was previously sceptical about the existence of UFOs.