World Walking Day: Taking small steps towards big benefits

World Walking Day 2012 which organised by Nestle Malaysia Berhad  which ran from 6am to 10am,was held simultaneously at the following 6 locations which are Putrajaya, Ipoh, Kuantan, Johor Bahru, Pekan Tamraruli and Kucing on October 28, 2012.

The World Walking Day (WWD) held at Taman Merdeka, Johor saw more than one thousand participants in attendance.

Nestle’s mission is to deliver Nutrition, Health and Wellness to consumers, not only by providing healthy food and beverages but by providing access to healthier lifestyle through key initiatives like World Walking Day.

The company’s walking exercise culminated in the WWD enjoying a fun and non-competitive walk while meeting half of the number of steps we should take daily.

The Health Ministry recommended walking 10,000 steps or approximately 8km a day.

The morning slot of the event was highly energised with activities like Taiji, Gangnam style and chicken dances performed by participants.

The thousands of participants were seen to be filled with energy and laughter.

Hafsah, 61, told Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) that she was happy to be able to join this event with her friends as walking creates a healthy lifestle.

Another participant, Yee also told CJMY that he got the news from his friend and was glad that he made the right choice to participate .

He also hopes that in future, events like this would be made known to the public at wider range.

Nestle's key effort in bringing a healthy lifestyle to consumers.
More than a thousand people sweating together.
Making health a corner-stone of their lives.
Breakfast sponsored by Nestle.