Rossi to let Monster out of the box at Lot 10

Seven-time MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi and renowned Italian superbike manufacturer Ducati have many things in common, chief among them being the fantasy ride of gajillions of petrol-heads around the world.

As members of the general public and Rempits alike brace for the Malaysian MotoGP weekend at the end of the month, Rossi and Ducati will come together on 20 October to unveil a new Ducati superbike specially targeted at the Asian market.

The new bike is now in front of the Lot 10 Shopping Center, hidden inside a box which allows passers-by to peek through a small slit, only to reveal the head and taillights which resemble those on the current Monster series.

Rasyiqah Rosle, a sales promoter at the Ducati booth in Lot 10 says The Doctor himself, Valentino Rossi, will be on hand to officiate the worldwide debut of the bike.

“The bike is from the Ducati Monster line and the price is below RM70,000,” she reveals, adding that, “It is a bike meant for the Asian market.”

Ducati has set up a manufacturing base in Thailand to produce exclusive Asian products.
Komunitikini understands that a superbike from the manufacturer normally costs around RM80,000 to RM100,000, and can easily reach RM200,000 for the top of the line models.

The superbike segment is a small but strongly growing one in Malaysia’s automotive market. In 2009, a total of 4,000 luxury and super bikes, ranging from the lifetsyle Harley-Davidson breed, to the completely-built-up unit (CBU) rugged Japanese makes, were sold. Taxes on superbikes were reduced from 120 percent to 86 percent last year.

The Naza Group remains the largest industry player in the superbike segment. Companies under its flag include Naza Prestige Bikes (Harley-Davidson), Naza Bikers Dream (CBU Japanese superbikes) and Naza Next Bike (Ducati).

Video edited by Shufiyan Shukor