Haj pilgrims urged not to hide health conditions

Pilgrims have been reminded not to falsify documents or try to hide information about diseases because they want to perform the Haj.

Medina Haj Operations Director (Medical) Dr Mahyin Kudong said they were cases where pilgrims tried to hide information about health or attempted to falsify documents fearing they would not be allowed to perform haj.

He said haj pilgrims who hid their diseases would only complicate detection of health problems if they suddenly fall ill.

“Pilgrims must take medication at certain time, drink a lot of water, avoid long exposure to sunlight and get plenty of rest,” he told a Tabung haji (TH) media task force at pilgrims treatment centre at Alauddin building here today.

Diseases which pilgrims tried to hide include diabetes, kidney failure and  high blood pressure.

Earlier, the media members were brought to tour the treatment facility provided at the medical centre which opened several few days ago.

Dr Mahyin said the treatment centre provides 20 beds for patients and more could be made available to accommodate more patients.

“If after adding the beds, we can’t accommodate the patients, they will be sent to other hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

“But this has not happened as we have enough beds. It may not be comfortable as they will be less space but it is not serious and does not last long,” he added.

The medical team in Mecca and Medina consist of 253 staff with 30 specialist doctors, 19 medical officers while the remaining are assistant medical officers and nurses.

At Medina, a medical team with a doctor is always stationed at the airport as soon as the flight carrying pilgrims from Malaysia arrived.

A team of two doctors are stationed at two major pilgrim hotels in Medina –  Al-Haram Hotel and Movenpick Hotel while the rest are placed at Alauddin building.

– Bernama