MPSJ to take over trash collection in October

MPSJ will take over the domestic waste collection task from current contractor Alam Flora after the latter’s RM70 million contract comes to an end on October 15.

Council president Asmawi Kasbi said MPSJ will engage the 71 subcontractors hired by Alam Flora to continue provide the collection service, in a transition period pending for the state’s directive.

He (left) felt the municipality has become “cleaner” since the council returned to take charge of public cleansing and bulk waste collection in August.

He said five task forces has been setup to collect balk waste three times a week in Subang Jaya, Kinrara, Seri Serdang and Seri Kembangan.

“About 20.24 ton of balks were collected last week,” he said, adding that collection is mandatory on Monday and Friday while upon request on weekend.

Public can dial 8025 3269 during office hours to request for the service.

RM100k spent on pro-poor dinner

On another note, the use of poverty eradication funds was fiercely debated among the councillors during the full board meeting today.

Rajiv Rishyakaran objected the council’s decision to spend RM100,000 in a hotel’s dinner function meant for the poor, as he said the event would not help them get away from poverty.

His statement drew flaks from councillors who chaired the social welfare committee.

Rishyakaran then said the allocation instead should be used for workshops, but Keshminder Singh refuted by saying RM200,000 has already been allocated for upcoming workshops.

“That’s your problem, you didn’t attend the meeting yesterday and now you don’t understand the issue,” Keshminder accused Rishyakaran.

An MPSJ official clarified later that only RM50,000 will be spent on the dinner, whereas the other RM50,000 will go to the expanses of buying basic necessities for the poor.

Under the MPSJ poverty eradication program, each JKP zone will be given a sum between RM12,000 and RM17,000 for the use of organizing workshops for the poor.

The councillors are asking MPSJ to directly channel the funds into their bank accounts, but the council insisted to follow the rightful treasury procedure.

Asmawi then said the council can accelerate reimbursement for councillors who have organized programs in their zones.

Meanwhile, MPSJ has issued stop work order to the lake edge developer Scope Option in view of complaints of foul smell and pollution generated from the lake.

The developer was instructed to clean the lake and install a garbage trap by Sept 30.

The council has also written to sewerage service provider Indah Water Konsortium requesting a upgrade on its plant near the lake, which is also contributing to the stench.