Hornet sting kills five-year-old boy

A five-year-old boy died after he was stung by hornets while riding pillion on his mother’s motorcycle in Kampung Pengkalan Nyireh at about 1pm yesterday.

According to his mother, Rakiah Ismail, 31, she had earlier gone to fetch the victim, Tengku Hafizul Hafiq Tengku Anuar, from the Tanjung Demong kindergarten not far from their house.

“My son was seated behind me and my two-year-old daughter, in front. When nearing our house, we passed by a hornet’s nest hanging from a tree branch which has been there for quite some time.

“Suddenly, hundreds of hornets attacked us. As ordered my me, Hafizul ran towards a neighbour’s house to save himself but be was stung on his body and head,” she recalled, here, today.

Rakiah said her daughter, who wore a ‘tudung’ (head-cover), was stung by about 10 hornets while she was stung by three on her hand.

She said with the help of neighbours, they were sent to Besut Hospital in Jerteh, but Tengku Hafizul died at about 5pm with about 50 hornet sting marks on his body and head.

When the incident happened, her fisherman husband, Tengku Anuar Tengku Hussin, 34, was away at sea.

Tengku Hafizul was buried at the Kampung Air Tawar Muslim cemetery, here, at about 10am today.

– Bernama