SOS Adopt a family for Christmas

PENANG – SOS (Save Our Strays) is a newly formed Umbrella Group in Penang that gather all NGOs and Independent Rescuers to work together to save all strays.

Coming this December 23rd 2012, SOS is putting rescued animals for adoption. The event will be held at Precinct 10, Tanjung Tokong, Penang. It starts from 9:00am to 3:00pm. The organizers promised a fun filled event. The venue is sponsored by Precinct 10.

SOS is determined to:

1. Work hand in hand with Council in order to neuter the female strays.

a) MPPP, NGOs, Independent Rescuers & Feeders capture the female Strays on the streets.

b) Spaying to be performed at City Veterinary.

c) Spaying costing – MPPP will contribute the same amount of an injection putting an animal to sleep, the balance will fill up by public fund for the spaying cost.

d) 1 week fostering after spayed at City Veterinary.

e) In case of any sick Strays, we will sent in our appointed Vet to work together with the City Vet and to decide whether put to sleep the Strays in case the Strays has no chance to recover from incurable decease.

SOS Proposals

2. Two solutions to allocate the neutered strays :

Solution 1 — Neutered Strays to be transferred to a temporary shelter provided by Council.

Solution 2 – CNR (Catch, Neuter & Release)
Strays will be neutered and release into the community where they come from, volunteers will continue to provide them with food & water. These Strays will then be known as community dogs.

Put a marking on neutered strays plus a collar with a specific colour of dog badge.

3. Inoculate all neutered strays before releasing back onto the street or to the temporary shelters.