Tenth Malaysia Plan: Bigger allocation for orang asli development

The government will provide a bigger allocation for Orang Asli development under the Tenth Malaysia Plan (10MP)
compared with RM417 million under 9MP.

Orang Asli Development Department director-general Mohd Sani Mistam said 30 per cent of the 10MP allocation, which had yet to be announced, would cater for the educational development of Orang Asli children, including tuition

The department will also be extending basic amenities such as roads, water and electricity to Orang Asli villages in Kelantan, he told reporters after officiating an Aidilfitri open house for Orang Asli children at Kesedar Inn here

A long-term solution needed to be found to solve school dropouts among Orang Asli children, he said adding that, lack of basic facilities in Orang Asli settlements could have contributed to the problem.

– Bernama