Chinese ambassador opens new wing of Southern College in Johor

The ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Malaysia, Chai Xi, recently declared open the new wing of Southern College, which houses its Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The most senior of Chinese representative to Malaysia was warmly greeted by more than a thousand Johor Chinese community leaders, as his helicopter descended on the Southern College field. He was accompanied by the president of Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia, Fang Tian Xin.

Southern College, the first non-profit college established by the Malaysian Chinese Community in 1990, had been granted approval by Ministry of Higher Education to conduct its 3+2 Degree Twinning Program in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Tianjin University two years ago.

Following that, a series of fund-raising projects took place nationwide, and the five-storey faculty building of Traditional Chinese Medicine was finally built in 18 months, costing RM5 Million. This was revealed by Southern College president, Teo Ah Khiang, during his welcome speech.

Ambassador Chai noted that China-Malaysia ties are getting closer and warmer from cooperation on higher education twinning programs.

This will build stronger relationship and better understanding between China and Malaysia’s younger generation, on top of the present business and trading relationship, he added.

He was pleased to be informed by the Malaysian government that China had now become the main business partner of Malaysia, superseding the US, this year.

Southern College is offering free Traditional Chinese Medical treatment at the clinic located on ground floor of the TCM Building.

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