We can save our planet

The “We can save our planet” campaigners with their placards in front of Lot 10 Shopping Centre in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday 3rd September 2011.


We can save our planet for our future generations. This is what a group of energetic young men and women wearing t-shirts and carrying placards with the message that  “We can save our planet.” They campaigned at the free space walkway in front of Lot 10 Shopping Centre in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur recently. 

Campaign leader Kam Chee Khei hopes to send out a clear message about the need to save our planet.

The Save the Earth campaign by the group of nine volunteers, between the ages of 20 to 21, led by team leader Kam Chee Khei, 20, hoped to get the message across with maximum impact influencing those who stopped to read and support their message of heightening the communal consciousness on environmental issues.

“We want to share the message, to deliver the message that we can and we have the ability and possibility to save our planet,” said Kam Chee Khei, a young entrepreneur who makes his living printing and designing t-shirts.

“In public, nobody is concern about environmental degradation. We want to create public awareness, to send out a clear message that everyone must be serious about saving the environment, about the need to save our planet.”

“We hope our awareness campaign can raise and change consciousness of the general public by contributing towards a healthy and safe environment.”

The crowd of people including tourists who stopped to read the messages to support the campaign allowed their pictures to be taken by the group who also distributed free t-shirts imprinted with “We can save our planet.”

“We are targeting large masses of people with our message and that’s the reason why we choose the open space here where many people are walking around on the weekend.

Arab tourists stop to show support by writing on the placards “We can save our planet” in Arabic language

“We plan to make a large banner with 2,000 human faces and once we have reached the numbers who support our campaign, we will hang it up for public display in a strategic location in the city,” added Kam Chee Khei.

Asked how long they have been there, he said: “We have been here since 10 in the morning. We commit ourselves here for a common good and we have a long way to go yet. We will stop when our feet are tired, when we are really tired…”

A member of the group, Yuen Wei Jing, 20, a French Language undergraduate of Tamkang University in Taipei, now on semester break hope everybody can start with one small step to save the earth.

“One way to help the environment overall is to use recyclable bag and reduce use of plastic,” she said.

Another member Lester Ming Teoh, a TAR College student of Advanced Diploma in Public Relations said: “Some people seem to be selfish, never think of others. We must think of our future generations. The glaciers are getting thinner. The carbon foot print is getting higher. Signs of global warming are apparent. So it’s every one’s responsibility to help protect and sustain the environment. Saving our planet must come from our heart.”