Devotees throng temples to celebrate Jade Emperor God’s birthday

Hundreds of devotees pay homage to Jade Emperor God on his birthday at the famous Yoke Wong Thai Tay Temple in SEA Park, Petaling Jaya.

The Hokkiens Chinese dialect group of the Taoist faith in the country usher in the Jade Emperor God’s birthday celebrations (Thni Kong Seh) today, February 18, 2013.

Devotees pay homage to the deity at the Jade Emperor God temples or set up their own altars with offerings including sugarcane stalks on the eve of the Jade Emperor God’s birthday.

Firecrackers and colorful fireworks lit the night’s skies on the eve of the Jade Emperor God’s birthday.

At the Jade Emperor God Temple (or known as Yoke Wong Thai Tay Temple) in Section 21 SEA Park, Petaling Jaya, the Thnee Kong Seh celebrations started on the eve of the Jade Emperor God’s birthday with hundreds of devotees thronged the famous temple to pay homage to the deity.

There were lion and dragon performances to entertain the Gods and the people as well as spread happines, longevity and good fortune.

The Jade Emperor God Temple (Yoke Wong Thai Tay) in SEA Park, Petaling Jaya is packed with devotees offering incenses and prayers on the deity's birthday.
Family members holding burning incense joss sticks say prayers to the Jade Emperor God on his birthday celebrations.
A lion dance performance keeps the crowd entertained.
Enter the dragon into the temple hall to pay respect to "Kai Yeh" Lim Koon Foong, the chief medium of Yoke Wong Thai Tay Temple.
"Kai Yeh" Lim Koon Foong (seated) receives a pot of prosperity made up of lettuce leaves, mandarin oranges, pineapples and pomelo at the end of the lion dance performance.
"Kai Yeh" stamps a red seal on Kelvin Chong's forehead for good fortune.
Yoke Wong Thai Tay Temple senior medium Ronnie Chiew handing out mandarin oranges to the crowd.
Susan Chan (left) and her two daughters who are of Buddhist faith say they came to watch the lion and dragon dance and enjoy the crowd and festivity.

Among those present at the celebrations were Yoke Wong Thai Tay temple committee president Richard Sha, Petaling Jaya Utara Community Service Centre chairman Dr Wong Sai Hou, Kampung Tunku coordinator and state liaison officer Kelvin Chong and Section 21 SEA Park Residents Association chairman Gan Keng,

“I am happy to be here. This temple is about 40 years old and served the needs of the Taoist community living in the areas as a place of worship and spiritual guidance.” said Kelvin Chong.

“As leaders in Kampung Tunku state constituency, it is our duty to pay a visit to all the elderly and the temples here. We wish that the Yoke Wong Thai Tay Temple here will bring continuing blessings upon our country and people especially our city Petaling Jaya.”

He added that “for the Taoists, today is a great day for all to come together to offer prayers to the Jade Emperor God on his birthday to receive his blessings of good things and good fortune for everyone to make a peaceful and happy living.”

“I brought my son here today to get blessings from Jade Emperor God for his study and to get good grades.”