Ipoh Garden East residents protest against columbarium

Some 400 residents from Ipoh Garden East rose early Sunday morning to voice their immense dissatisfaction over the development of a columbarium in Taman Kemuncak, Ipoh.

The residential protesters appeared armed with posters which read “We cannot live in peace while the dead rest in peace here!”

Obviously upset by the lack of response from the City Council, one resident said “we have given our reasons, but there is no response from the mayor, so we are concerned.”

He went on to say that this is not about politics, that it is about the residence and their mental peace and asked for the developers (Haluan Ikhlas Sdn Bhd) to take their money-making ventures else where.

Residents were later seen to be signing their names and giving details in a signature campaign against the development of the columbarium in Taman Kemuncak.

Taman Kaya resident, lawyer, Augustine Anthony said “We are people who are decent and civil in our actions and conduct. The Datuk Bandar and City Council have done much for the people of Perak and we do not want them to lose their reputation over this project.

” We are tired of sleepless nights, worrying about this project which will affect over 700 families living in Ipoh Garden East,” said Anthony.

Another resident Le Chee Seng was put off by the fact that the protest banners placed by residents on Saturday night was taken down by Sunday morning when advertising banners by “Ah longs” were left untouched.

The city council promised to announce a decision on the matter on Aug 10 but it was delayed due to Datuk Bandar Datuk Roshidi Haslim’s visit to China. Upon his return he said matters were still pending as the technicalities of the proposal is still being scrutinized.