Photoblog: Penang Chap Goh Meh celebration

The final day of Chinese New Year or Chap Goh Meh, came to a fitting finale with a grand celebration at the Esplanade, Penang.

This annual event was organized by the Penang state government.

This year, for the first time, a variety of free food were offered  and there were two stages instead of one .

The main stage was erected on the field and the other was the Peranakan stage next to the beautifully lighted up City Hall building.

Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng was present first to witness a lion and dance, Chingay and Dondang Sayang.

Together with the other VIPs, escorted by the lion as they walked to the sea front to throw oranges.

After that they were at the dining tables in front of the main stage.

The CM gave a speech and officially launched the celebration.

While the main stage had traditional and modern performances, the Peranakan stage had performances of its own simultaneously going on.

The main highlight was the nyonya kebaya  competition.

Eighteen pretty ladies between the ages of 28 to 81, both of Chinese and Malay heritage took part in this competition.

In the meantime on the field people were busy queuing up for the free food.

On the road next to the field food for sale were set up despite the free food available these food stalls enjoyed brisk business.

At 11.00pm, for 10 minutes the sky was lit up with awesome fireworks display in close of the celebration.

Five 'lions' escorting the CM and other VIPs to the sea-front.
LGE throwing oranges into the sea.
After the CM, it was the pretty young ladies' turn.
The two baskets to catch the thrown oranges.
People can buy the orange and write messages on them before throwing it into the sea - a tradition believed to make one's wishes come true.
The main stage: a classical chinese choir.
The crowd: Tables and chairs were provided for comfort.
The Peranakan stage in front of the lighted up City Hall building.
Peranakan stage: Belting out songs.
The brightly and lovely decorated Dondang Sayang bus.
There were about 20 different variety of food, including those food on sale.
People contented to sit on the field to eat.
Admiring 3 of the many beautifully decorated lanterns.
Molly Mark, 81 years old - the oldest in the Kebaya competition.
Dancing for the Kebaya competition.
Contestants for the Kebaya competition in one row.