Photoblog: CNY joy for the Sunshine Welfare Cottage residents

The St Vincent de Paul Society (SSVP) is an international church based charitable organization that helps the poor and the under-privileged.

All the seven churches in Penang has  SSVP and they are known as SSVP Conference of ….. (name of the church).

SSVP adopts families or individuals and provide them with regular cash aid and rations. They are thus known as ‘adoptees’.

On February 23, 2013 SSVP’s Conference of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Butterworth (NBVM) organised a Chinese New Year gathering for its own adoptees and special guests; the residents from the Sunshine Cottage Welfare Society (Home) in Kulim, Kedah.

56 adoptees present and 80 residents from Sunshine Welfare Home came in two busses sponsored by the society.

President of SSVP Conference of NBVM Harriet Teh told Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) that all expenses for this CNY event came completely from donors.

She said many volunteers and donors hung around to help in the event, especially the youth from the church.

A volunteer pushed the wheelchair of one of the Sunshine Cottage resident after he got down from the bus.
Volunteers helping to carry the wheelchair of another resident over the steps.
The parish priest of the NBVM church Fr Victor Louis, in his speech, thanked SSVP for its service to the poor.
A helping hand in feeding from a volunteer.
A helping hand in feeding from a volunteer.
A donor giving out angpow.
They also get a goody bag each which consists of toiletries and snacks.
What is CNY without Mandarin oranges?
The Church's Chinese Youth members singing some CNY songs.
These young girls, who danced so gracefully, are residents from the Sunshine Cottage. They are Cany Flora 21 and Diana, Meera, Laura who are 13 - 14.
T. Thamisaran, 24, on wheelchair and Deborah, from Sunshine Home, entertaining the people with a song.
Darshini Ramesh at age only 15 but she dances so well. She is one of SSVP's adoptee.
Rama, who was the first resident of the Home, giving a testimony. He married while in the Home and since then become a staff in the Home and is grateful as the Home has changed his life.
The youth of the church helping in serving the food.
Sunshine Cottage residents, SVP adoptees, SSVP members and volunteers - all together about 160 people all had a fun and fulfilling time.