Villa Paulos’ fund-raising walkathon

The fundraising walkathon by Villa Paulos is meant to help  raise funds to complete a new building to accommodate the increasing number of children in the home.

Villa Paulos’ chairman of the board Ferdinand Paul Netto said that presently there are 28 children in the home.

The new building will be able to separate the accommodation of boys and girls living there.

“The estimated cost of building the double-storey extension is RM400,000 and there is a shortfall of RM100,000,” he said.

They hope to raise RM25,000 from this walkathon and the balance is to be raised at their fundraising dinner in August 24, 2013.

Villa Paulos is a registered  non-profit, voluntary welfare organisation set up in 2008 to shelter neglected, exploited, abused, abandoned and orphaned children.

Villa Paulos welcomes gifts in kind, donations and pledges and can be contacted at 07-2241036 or via [email protected]

The event
The enthusiastic crowd
The 'old'
The family
and the young