PKR’s Low new Pandamaran village head

PKR member and women’s organisation leader Low See Mee was voted in as the new Pandamaran village head, garnering nearly half of the total 2657  votes.

She received 1076 ballots and defeated her closest rival Tee Boon Hock with a 241-vote majority. Tee in total only managed to receive 835 votes.

As for the other candidates, incumbent Yap Hock Siew received  172 votes, social worker Yap Kim Huat 127 votes, Tee Kim Huat 205 votes while Tan Yu Thiam 217 votes, as announced by returning officer Bakhtiar Hussin in the Pandamaran Sport Complex at 6pm.

The four lost their deposits for not obtaining one eighth out of the total ballot, which was 332 votes.

Voter turn up was only 19.1 percent at the village with 13896 eligible voters.

Low’s victory will mark the first entry of PKR to the DAP stronghold, as political infighting and the letterhead scandal last year has somehow weakened the latter’s solidarity.

When quizzed about this, Low said she treats the victory as a good beginning for democracy, not PKR.

When asked whether PKR will replace DAP to contest in Pandamaran for the coming General Election, Low stressed she will focus on her work in the village first.

“Somehow it is beyond my jurisdiction to decide (whether or not to contest in GE),” she said.

Low was one of the followers of former MCA central committee member Tan Yee Kew when the latter quit MCA to join PKR after the 2008 political tsunami.

However, Tan was seen having little space in Klang as the local parliament and state seats were held by DAP.

Therefore, Low’s victory yesterday will lay the cornerstone for Tan in Klang.

The 2003 Selangor Outstanding Woman Award recipient said her primary tasks are to build an inclusive village committee, extend land title for villagers and to embark on talks with the Kg Jalan Papan relocation committee.

Tee Boon Hock to exit from politics

Meanwhile, Tee Boon Hock, who was in media limelight for his comeback after the “letterhead scandal” last year, conceded defeat and congratulated Low.

He attributed his failure to the fierce competition between the four DAP candidates.

“They were four candidates who are from DAP. So it split the votes (among the supporters),” he (below, left) said.

He added that he might exit from politics and start focusing on his business career.

“I will take a break and do my business first,” he said.

On another note, returning officer Bakhtiar Hussin said the low turn up was caused by the celebration of the Hungry Ghost festival and bad weather.