University of Malaya theatre students to stage Dark Moon

University of Malaya (UM) final year performing arts students to perform a stage play called Dark Moon as their final project.
University of Malaya (UM) final year performing arts students to perform a stage play called Dark Moon as their final project.

The final year students of University of Malaya (UM) Kuala Lumpur studying Bachelor of Performing Arts (majoring in Theatre) will present their final year project course in a theatrical play at Experimental Theatre, UM at 8 pm on May 18-19, 2013.

The performing arts students will portray real-life situation of unfortunate characters with mental illness in the theatrical play called “Dark Moon”.

Dark Moon production project manager Low Yu Jie announced this at a press conference at the university’s Experimental Theatre recently.

“We hope to increase public awareness about the rise and causes of mental illness issues in modern-day society and suicide prevention through the play and front-of-house exhibition,” he said.

“We hope the public will give their full support,” added Low who is targeting an audience of over 700 people with students making up 70% of the audience.

The play revolves around two characters who suffered from psychiatric illness due to lust, desire and pressure in their life.

It tells the story of a psychopath ex-civil servant seeking revenge from a schizophrenia lady who married a wealthy businessman with a disgraceful past.

There will be booths by sponsors, partners and charity organisations at the front-of-house exhibition offering information about mental illness, including causes and solutions and suicide prevention.

The public is encouraged to attend the show and visit the exhibition.

“We are collaborating with Befrienders Malaysia for the benefit of our community,” said Low.

Befrienders is a NGO run by volunteers who provide emotional support to people suffering from depression and have suicidal tendency and to prevent suicide.

At the press conference, Liow officially announced the two main casts of Dark Moon: Jocelyn Tan and Ho Wai Yip and director Amelia Tan who were present.

Ho and Jocelyn Tan said they dedicated most of their time in studying and portraying the characters as real as they could.

“It is not an easy task as we are focus on creating the most interesting monologue for the audience,” said Ho.

“I want to share my past experience and thoughts,” said Jocelyn Tan who has written a number of songs and won prizes in singing competitions. Interestingly, she will be composing a song for the play.

They said that it was a challenge rehearsing the play many times before presentation and praised director Amelia Tan for her professionalism.

Dark Moon main casts Ho and Jocelyn Tan
Dark Moon main casts Ho Wai Yip (left) and Jocelyn Tan.
Dark Moon official poster
Dark Moon official poster.

Director Amelia Tan said part of the story reflected some real-life events which happened in Malaysia.

The trio said they spent three months working out the plot and script. They hope that through this play they will be able to convey a strong message to the audience to think of their life as special.

Amelia Tan is a notable director and an actress in the industry. She won the 2009 ADA Drama Award for “Best Supporting Actress” and the 2001 and 2003 ADA Drama Award for “Outstanding Elite in Theatre”.

Tickets for the play are available via by way of donation.

Twenty per cent of sponsorships and donations received will be channelled back to the Befrienders to support its cause.

The stage performance is part of the requirement for the UM performing arts students to be graded in RDEQ 3381, a final year performing arts project course.

It is one of the prerequisite for these students to complete this course in order to graduate.