Photostory: The Pisang Relay

The Pisang Relay held at Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil on May 12, 2013 is a fun-themed event, where competition is not the primary objective.

It’s a great opportunity to make friends,  strengthen friendship, build stronger family and community  bonds amongst the folks of staying at Bukit Jalil and Klang Valley.

More than 300 runners consisting of people of all  race, age and gender took part in the relay which consists of teams of 4.

Each runner takes turn to complete the 2.7 kilometre course around the picturesque Bukit Jalil Lake.

Each runner will have to run two non consecutive laps.

The registration fees is a nominal RM135 per team and all runners are provided with a medal and light refreshments throughout the morning.

The Pisang Relay organisers have also put into practice some Green concepts like runners marking their paper cups for re-use the whole morning.

A must have photo shot with the Pisang Relay banner
A must have photo shot with the Pisang Relay banner.
A 15 min warm up for all runners conducted by qualified physical instructors.
Collage runnners
Runners young and old are out to have a real fun run.
Collage runnners 2
Some of the participants at the Pisang Relay.
collage runner 3
Some of the participants at the Pisang Relay.
mrs -9146
These two teams consists of family members.
mrs -9335
The hot morning sun did stop this runner wearing full gear.
mrs -9367
One banana in hand means the runner is on the first lap. At the 2nd lap, each runner will have to run with 2 bananas in hand.
Runners were literally sprayed with water to cool them down.