Stolen drain grates, a death trap

Drainage previously secured with iron grill bars

The residents of Taman Golf and Taman Lumba Kuda are upset over the theft of iron grills covering the drainage on the roads around the neighbourhood.

The drainage which was previously secured with iron grills bars. The holes are now open and inviting accidents to happen as they are seen all over the neighbourhood after the thieves came one night and carried them away lock stock and barrel.

To make matters worse, all the drainage holes are at junctions which increase the likelihood of accidents happening.

A resident, Paul, 80, said that one wouldn’t get rich selling those grill bars and that is was such an irresponsible behaviour, as now the road are unsafe with holes all over the place.   ”

There are children in the area and without those iron grills, the roads become dangerous as they can easily fall in” he said.

Another resident, Mrs Devakumaran, 36, said that accidents are bound to happen as the people don’t expect to find exposed drainage.

“Drivers need to be careful as the exposed drains are all over the neighbourhood” she said, adding “We want to make the road safe again, but who do we talk to?”

In place of grill bars are long sticks and tree branches, hoping to warn off drivers.  Visibility of the danger signs  worsen at night as the open holes are not locate near the neighbourhood street lights making the junctions a perfect location for an accident  waiting to happen.

The residents are hoping that something can be done soon before an accident really happens.