Filial piety abandoned

Two elderly folks, Ng Kok Ting, 72  and Woon Sang Chew, 56,  were found abandoned by individuals known to them in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru, here recently.

Both senior citizens were found abandoned at two different locations in the residential area where Ng was said to have taken a taxi accompanied by an individual known to him where he was later left alone in a coffee shop.

Ng  was found sitting aimlessly in the coffee shop all by himself for the whole day before the coffee shop proprietor called the Happy Senior Citizen Care Centre to attend to Ng’s predicament.

In Woon’s case, she was found in a state of daze at a bus stop before a good Samaritan called the same care centre for assistance.

Both the elderly folks were found to be in good health with no signs of any illness or disability.

Woon related her story saying that her husband and two children have all passed away and she is was now looking for her mother, Chong Chin You, could easily to be in her seventies and is believed to be living in either Kota Tinggi, Kulai or Mersing.

She recalled and said, “when I was a teenager, I met my mother once and after that all communication ceased”.

“I really hope to see my mother and other siblings again to seek their forgiveness”, said Woon, the eldest among her thirteen other siblings.

Meanwhile, a care giver from the Happy Senior Citizen Care Centre, Ng Chee Lim said, they have tried tracing the family members of these two elderly folks based on the information given.

Unfortunately, due to the inconsistent information provided due to their failing memories, all efforts to trace their family members proved futile, said Ng, in a press conference held at the South Johor Chinese Press Club, here in Taman Pelangi.

Anyone who knows these two elderly folks and their family members are urged to contact 019 711 1516 or the Happy Senior Citizen Care Centre at 012 707 9191.