Mom prays for a miracle to save daughter

In answer to a hospital’s request, a team from the Palliative Care Association of Johor Bahru has been making weekly visits to the home of Nurul  Hafifah Roselan, 12, in Kampung Pasir Gudang Baru.

Nurul was diagnosed with brain cancer a year ago and has been in a coma at home for the past two months.

Nurse Emily Law said, the association’s team of volunteers has been visiting Nurul every week to see that she is comfortable and to provide counselling to her family, especially Nurul’s mother.

“During our first visit, Nurul was still able to open her eyes and speak to us but sadly, her condition has now deteriorated drastically and she has slipped into a coma,” she said.

Law says that the team will continue to provide emotional and moral support to help the family cope with the ordeal.

Dr. Gavri Devi and the team will advice the family on how to care for Nurul to prevent her from developing bed sores and other ailments, she added.

She explained that the team’s visiting schedule varies from case to case, ranging from once a fortnight to once a week. Services are provided voluntarily without any fee charged.

In Nurul’s case, we only provide medication to get rid of her phlegm without any cancer treatment medication as the hospital has done everything possible to treat her to no avail, said Law, when asked by reporters about the types of medical treatment provided.

Nurul’s mother, Rainah Sabar, 48, said she can only pray for a miracle as the hospital has acknowledged that they have done everything in their power to save Nurul.