Police and media co-operation in Perlis

The police and media representatives met here recently to foster a good working relationship between the two parties.

At the Perlis police headquarters, Perlis deputy police chief , ACP Zull Aznam Haron, said in his address to the visiting media representatives, that the police recognise the importance of the media in bringing news and information to the public, especially on crime prevention.

He said that both the police and media need each other and should be working hand-in-hand to fight crime. While the different styles of reporting and writing are part and parcel of the media’s efforts to attract more readers, it is vital for the media to report the facts.

He reiterated that facts need to be verified and authenticated and that making up stories or sensationalising them are against the objectives of journalism.

“We choose to give you our full co-operation but would like to remind you to report the news based on the facts which we provide and verify the facts that you have with us before writing your pieces,” he said.

He also pointed out that sexual crimes should never be sensationalised as this would have a very strong negative impact on the victims and their families, among other things.