Environment department gets on the ground

The Environment Protection Department held a half-day meet-the-client day program at Wisma Budaya here in Kota Kinabalu on Monday.

The objective of the programme was to create awareness among the public on environment issues and also to receive complaints directly from the public.

A Department representative said people would normally file complaints through phone-calls, e-mails and by going directly to their office at Wisma Budaya.

“We want to interact with complainants personally and have prepared an exhibit to introduce the public to the environmental impacts of everyday life,” she said.

The representative said, complaints that have been filed would be assessed under the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) if it falls under their jurisdiction and if it does not, they would file the complaint to the relevant departments.

The public may contact the department at 088-251290/1, 088-238120 (fax) or e-mail: [email protected] and the public may also browse their website at http://www.sabah.gov.my/jpas