Laughter and joy with residents of Intan LifeZone Welfare

Fun time, dancing to rhythm

More than 20 members and friends together with residents of the Intan LifeZone Welfare home took part in the Annual Fun Time event at the home recently.

It is a project initiated by Laughter Yoga Leader Doreen Tey (also Vice-President of the Johor Bahru Happy & Joyous Club). Residents wore proudly their laughter yoga T-shirt’s which was given to them specially for the occasion.

Food aplenty for the residents and friends of Intan LifeZone

The event is  held annually to bring laughter and joy to the 37 residents of Intan LifeZone Welfare with a birthday celebration of all its residents. Each residents were given a cupcake with a candle to celebrate their symbolic birthdays. All participants were treated with delicious buffet dinner coupled with games, singing, dancing, playing and laughing.

Intan Lifezone was initially started in 2003 by its members walking the streets of Johor Bahru and conducting a street feeding program for the homeless and drug addicts.

The winners with happy faces

The society currently runs five separate programs, namely The Needle and Syringe Exchange Program (NSEP), Life Zone Shelter and Recovery program, Dignity Homes for Men and Women, Peer Support for PLHIV and Harm Reduction Program For Sex Workers and Transsexuals.

For more information the Intan LifeZone Welfare Society can be contacted at 07-228 1885

Enjoying the food to their hearts’ content

Happy times
Children are not forgotten
One for the album
Drum circle in action
Fun Drum Circle
Holding on to their birthday cupcake…. for every resident present


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