Be responsible, single mothers

Single mothers receiving financial aid from the Welfare Department, will have their status as ‘ibu tunggal’ (single mother) checked annually to prevent from misappropriation.

The Social Welfare Department Director, Abdullah Ali said that single mothers are entitled to receive financial aid, between RM100 and RM450 monthly.

If they were to re-marry, they are no longer entitled to the aid.  The only exception will be if the new husband’s income is below RM750,  i.e. of poverty level.

He said it is the recipient’s responsibility to ensure that the Welfare Department is notified of a change in their marital status, should there be a case.

“We urge all single mothers in this state receiving aid from us, who have re-married, to notify the Welfare Department,  to allow the Welfare department to re-evaluate if they still deserve the financial aid the following month”, he said.

Abdullah said that at present there are 2000 registered single mothers who are receiving the aid.  The aid is provided in hopes to assist the single mothers in expending their small cottage business monthly, so they would be able to increase their monthly income.

He said that there are many irresponsible ‘single mothers’ who fail to update their status.