Kids rock up at Chow Kit

Chow Kit Kita, a community mapping project concluded its second phase with a bang last Sunday with Pesta Chow Kit Kita at the KL Krash Pad.

The project aims to ‘arm’ the kids from the ‘hood with artistic skills to give them a fighting chance to shine in one of Kuala Lumpur’s more eventful areas.

This second phase of Chow Kit Kita saw the work of 14 children on display, with special performances by renowned bands and performers, and an array of activities on the themed of ‘Local foods in Chow Kit’.

The action began at 1pm, with performances by the likes of Azmyl Yunor and Awi Rafael, and dance routines by the kids on the main stage, followed by a performance by signature Canadian rapper, Vandal.

There were also public mural painting, food-tasting and a gift shop for your Chow Kit Kita merchandise, all produced in-house.

The best was saved for last: an all-dancing acting, and Capoeira show by the Chow Kit kids, joined by a massive flash mob which took everybody by surprise.

Watch out for the third Pesta Chow Kit Kita later this year!

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