Hujan, Azlan and Radja to rock post Super GT race concert

Hujan and Azlan & the Typewriter set to rock fans at Super GT Rock & Race concert. (L-R) Jillayne Ting (Malaysia GT Queen), Juad, Andy, Azlan, Noh, Izzat, Zakk and Ayami Sasaki (Japan GT Queen)

Fans, get ready for a night of rock music with the first ever post-race rock concert to be held on the actual Sepang racing track this Sunday 19th June 2011 in conjunction with Round 3 of the Super GT 2011 race on 18th – 19th June.

The high-octane performers comprising two top Malaysian rock bands Hujan and Azlan & the Typewriter, along with Indonesian favourites Radja were introduced to the media at a special media-invite press conference held at Borneo Baruk Club, Jalan Kia Peng, KL on Tuesday 14th June.

We are breaking two motoring records here,” said Nordin Saisi, director of operations of JP Performance Motorsport, the race organizer.

“This will be the first ever rock concert to be held in conjunction with the Super GT race and the first ever concert to be held on the actual Sepang race track itself!

JP Performance Motorsport director of operations Nordin Saisi (centre) introducing the band members to the media during the press conference.

“After the last race at 6pm, we want to give all Super GT grandstand ticket holders the opportunity to enjoy the rock concert for free and experience like never before,” added Nordin who also announced that for the first time in Super GT history, RTM1 will telecast live the Super GT race on Sunday 19th June from 4 – 6 pm.

Rock fans who purchased Rock & Race concert tickets at RM50 are entitled to watch the Super GT race on 19th June from Hillstand B.

“The Rock and Race concert will start from 6pm and finishes up at 9pm for Maghrib prayer and depending upon situation, the performance may continue,” said Nordin who also showd the media the Limited Edition reloaded SUPER GT Touch n Go Card which can be used for all food, beverage and other merchandise purchases at the race.

RTM1 is also the host braodcaster for the live telecast of the Sepang race to Japan through FujiTV.

“There are nine rounds in the Japan’s Super GT race which features top Japanese racing drivers and upcoming drivers. Round 3 is the only Super GT race held outside Japan and will be telecast live to Japan so we hope to see Malaysians pack the Sepang circuit to show the pride of Malaysia,” added  Nordin.

Malaysia GT Queen Jillayne Ting (left) and Japan GT Queen Ayami Sasaki showing off the Limited Edition preloaded SUPER GT Touch n GO Card.

Manager and keyboardist for indie rock band Hujan, Hang Dimas said that they were looking forward to give an exciting performance for their fans and hope for a big crowd attendance.

Asked how the name Hujan (rain) came about, Hang Dimas said, “We wanted a name that was simple and easy for our fans to remember and Hujan just pop into our mind.”

On overseas stints, Hang Dimas said: ”We have toured UK, Grenoble (France), Melbourne, Dublin, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia and the response were tremendous”.

The band’s popularity see them just back from a performance in Kota Kinabalu last week and their recorded performance uploaded on YouTube have received more than 2 million viewers. They are also about 200 thousand fans who followed them at Facebook.

“We are releasing a new single “Inspektor Ramos” in two week time and we hope it will be as popular as our two earlier singles “Pagi Yang Gelap” and “Bila Aku Sudah Tiada” which won us two AIM Awards for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album,” added Hang Dimas.

Felicia Goh, the manager for modern alternative indie rock soloist Azlan & The Typewriter which have so far released several EP mini album of five songs said: “I am glad to annouce that Azlan will release his first album with 11 songs soon after Raya”

Radja is an Indonesian rock band formed in Jakarta in 2001. The band’s name is the Indonesian word for “king”. Unfortunately, they were not able to attend the press conference due to other commitment.