Consultant tasked to inspect OUG steep slope

Kuala Lumpur Mayor Ahmad Fuad Ismail will engage infrastructure solution provider Ikram Sdn Bhd to probe into Bukit OUG slope to ensure its safety and sustainability.

The decision was made after 30 Bukit OUG Condominiums residents submitted a memorandum protesting three upcoming condominium projects on the slope at DBKL headquarter this morning, and eventually met the mayor.

Talking to media after the meeting, Ahmad Fuad said he is unsure slope’s steepness, which residents claimed to be 45 degree and above allowable 25 degree in written guidelines.
“The best way to verify it is through an independent consultant… I hope Ikram can get down to the site today and come out with a study as soon as possible,” he told media after the meeting.

He said the study will also look into safety measure and mitigation of flood-prone Sungai Kuyoh.

The land behind Bukit OUG Condominium and fronting Sungai Kuyoh has been earmarked for three developments, namely Kiara Residence, Treez and Z Residence.

Kiara Residence is a four block 19-storey condominium project, for which the developer has begun clearing the land, whereas the adjoining lot number 3001 houses The Treez which consists of four blocks of condominiums of between 31 and 33 storeys.

Lot 3000, beside Lot 3001, is owned by Trinity Group, which plans to construct another four-high rise buildings under its Z Residence project.

Ahmad Fuad confirmed that both Kiara Residence and Treez are still pending for authorities’ approval.

He said for lot 3001 (Treez), the development notice board was just erected with objection period only ends by June 18.

He added that the development will raise local plot ratio from 60 people per acre to 500 people per acre; hence residents’ feedback must be gathered.

“If residents are against it, maybe we will ask the developer to reduce the size of the building,” he said.

On Kiara Residence whose developer has allegedly cut down trees and modified slopes, Ahmad Fuad said no formal approval has been given to the project.

“Kiara Residence was approved by our One Stop Center, but as I know the land department has yet to issue a formal consent,” he said, adding that he will verify the matter later.

“They must stop the project if they have not obtained an approval yet,” he said.

On residents’ question that all three projects were facing Sungai Kuyoh which has been earmarked for preservation, Ahmad Fuad said development can go provided it is seven meter away from the river.

“The entire area was never a reserve forest, it has always been a residential land,” he clarified.

Meanwhile, resident and NGO activist Tan Jo Hann (above, left) also called on condominiums from surrounding area to join force for a concerted effort.

“As there will be a LRT station coming out, it will definitely multiply the density of the area,”

“It’s hightime that people voice must be heard,” he said.