“KDA” number plate will be open for registration from 13 June

The ‘KDA’ number plate would open for registration with the Kedah Road Transport Department (RTD) from Monday 13 June, said Kedah RTD Director Ahmad Musadad Sulaiman.

He said the public, especially Kedahans who had been waiting for it, can do so within 14 days, from 8 am Monday until 12 pm June 26.

The four categories of numbers are single digit numbers (1-10) open for sale at a minimum of RM10,000, attractive numbers at a minimum RM2,000 while popular and current numbers start at RM300.

The department had received many enquiries for the registration as the acronym ‘KDA’ stands for ‘Kedah Darul Aman’, he added.

Residents of other states may book the registration via www.jpj.gov.my. There may be buyers willing to pay more than RM100,000 for a ‘KDA’ plate, he said.

– Bernama