Malaysians react against MUAFAKAT president claim


“I know of one priest who was sent to Malaysia, who is now a football coach in Subang Jaya.”

Those were the words of Abdul Karim Omar, the president of Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia (Muafakat), who believes undercover Christian priests have been sent to Malaysia to convert Muslims.

Karim claimed he learnt of this “Christianisation strategy” from a Brazilian website which listed the names of Christian priests sent all over the world to proselytise.

Many Malaysians of all walk of life have turn up against the disharmony statement made by Karim, via social media.

“I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry after reading this article. I am Muslim but I was brought up in Catholic Missionary schools from kindergarten right up to secondary. Even my university in US was a Catholic university. Throughout those years, never once I was approached by any priest to try and convert me. So when a person comes up with ridiculous claims like these, it angers me a bit.” – TgHadi.

“What has happened to Malaysia, other countries are heading forward and our country is moving backwards. I am not threatened by my non-Muslims friends and I think actions should be taken to stop influential figures making remarks like this. We want Malaysia to stay harmony.” – Harris

“Malaysians call upon this speaker to provide names, places, websites and references that can be checked out for validity. If this person is not willing or able to provide verification, he must face the full severity of the existing Sedition Law. The IGP must take immediate action to stop this deliberate attempt to sow seeds of frightening division and diabolical incitement to tear the country apart, to drive people into besieged ghettos.” – KKaze



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