Don’t leave your kids alone


Child welfare advocates advise parents never to leave their kids unattended, following the death of the five-year-old girl who was trapped in a container that caught fire in Kota Kinabalu.

Young victim Kabo Boreng was kept inside the 20-foot container by her father Bernados Boro, 29. He then left for work at a nearby chicken farm in Bongawan, yesterday.

Bernados and his colleagues tried to open the door with force when they saw smoke billowing from the container that was used as a workers’ quarters. The girl died minutes after the 8.30am incident.

These days, both parents have to work to survive and most of them can’t afford to send their kids to day care centre, especially for those living in poverty.

Everyone want to uphold the rights of the children but when the situation forces them to desperation, they resort to such measures.

However, parents are responsible for the safety of their children at any given time, regardless the circumstances. Parents should take extra measures and never take things for granted.

Relative or family friend can be a great help if at all one could not bring their kid along for any reason.


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