‘Mat Rempit’ parents are irresponsible – Police


Federal Traffic Police chief SAC Mohd Fuad Abd Latiff has hit out against parents who let their children ride motorcycles without licence and that they are responsible for the untoward incidents that result from such situations.

“Parents are the ones killing their children. Despite knowing their children do not own motorcycle licences and have not attended lessons, they allow them to ride motorcycles unsupervised,” Mohd Fuad said.


He stated that out of 1,512 fatal traffic accidents from January to March this year, 1,014 involved motorcyclists.

He also laid out statistics showing that 127 youths below the age of 15 had died in motorcycle accidents during the same period.

“Parents need to realise that even adults who possess driving licences can get involved in accidents, what more young teenagers.

“Complications would arise when people ride motorcycles while not owning a proper licence, including when accidents occur and insurance claims come into play,” he said.


Mohd Fuad added that police had conducted 314 operations nationwide targeting “Mat Rempit”, and so far 105 of hem had been arrested under the weekly operation.

76 of them have been charged under Section 42 of the Road Transport Act 1987 for driving in a dangerous manner.


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