Malaysians should be able to see meteor shower for 2 days


Malaysians will have the opportunity to see the meteor shower as this phenomenon will take place when the Earth passes through the path of Comet 209P/LINEAR, today and tomorrow.

National Space Agency (Angkasa) said about 100 to 400 meteors per hour can be seen with the naked eye on that night.

“The point of this meteor shower is from the Camelopardalis constellation in the northern sky and the meteor shower is expected to peak at 6UTC to 8UTC, which is from 2 pm to 4 pm local time,” Angkasa said in a statement.

The meteor shower can be seen in areas that have less light pollution and it also depends on the weather of the night sky.

Besides the weather and thick clouds, chance to see the meteor is a bit slim because there is an old crescent moon that will rise around 3 am on the date of the meteor shower.

Thus, people who want to see the meteor showers are urged to do so before the moon rises at 3 am on both days.

For more information, kindly contact the National Planetarium at 03-22734303 or Langkawi National Observatory at 04-9668870.


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