Johor to attract ‘Gasing’ lovers

The traditional ‘Gasing Pangkah’ competition is set to take place on 10th June at Kampung Makam, Kota Tinggi Johor.

The competition which will be organized by Johor’s National Arts  & Culture department is expected to bring back the old glory of the now forgotten game.

‘Gasing’, or top spinning, is a traditional game popular among Malays in the old days. In rural areas, ‘gasing’ contests were held during the rice-ripening season. Village folks believed that the spinning tops would help bring good harvest.

‘Gasing pangkah’ is a highly skilled game where a long length of string is wound around a large wooden top and then flung onto a rubber mat, spinning the ‘gasing’. The opponent then flings his top at the spinning one, with the aim of blasting the first top off the playing surface.

The game involves two teams of four players each and played on a round-shaped playing surface known as ‘bong’ which is 14 metres in diameter.

The game begins when four tops from a group are spun on the playing surface and the other team members would try to strike each of these spinning tops with their own ‘gasing’. This traditional game was mainly popular in east coast of peninsular Malaysia.

For those who interested to join this event details are below:

Date: 10-12 June 2011

Venue: Kg Makam, Kota Tinggi, Johor

Organized by: National Arts  & Culture Department Johor

Tel: 07-2248270